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      135 ENTRIES FOUND:
      get /?g?t/ verb
      gets; got /?gɑ?t/ ; got or US gotten /?gɑ?tn?/ ; getting
      gets; got /?gɑ?t/ ; got or US gotten /?gɑ?tn?/ ; getting
      Learner's definition of GET
      [+ object] : to obtain (something): such as
      : to receive or be given (something)
      : to obtain (something) through effort, chance, etc.
      : to obtain the use or services of (something)
      : to earn or gain (something)
      : to win (something)
      [+ object] : to buy or pay for (something)
      [+ object] : to go somewhere and come back with (something or someone)
      [+ object] : to send or take (something or someone) to a person or place
      always followed by an adverb or preposition, [+ object] : to cause (someone or something) to move or go
      always followed by an adverb or preposition, [no object] : to move or go
      always followed by an adverb, [no object] : to arrive at a place
      [+ object] : to begin to have (a feeling, an idea, etc.)
      [+ object]
      : to become affected by (a disease)
      : to suffer (an injury)
      [+ object] : to have or experience (something)
      [+ object] : to cause (a particular reaction)
      always followed by an adverb
      [no object] : to make progress in some activity
      see also get ahead (below)
      [+ object] : to cause or help (someone) to make progress
      [+ object] : to cause (someone or something) to be in a specified position or condition
      [+ object] : to cause (someone or something) to do something usually followed by to + verb
      sometimes + -ing verb
      [no object] : to start doing something see also get to 1a (below)
      [no object] : to have or be given the chance to do something : to be able to do something
      [+ object] : to deal with (something that needs attention): such as
      : to answer (a telephone)
      : to open (a door)
      [+ object]
      : to understand (something or someone)
      : to hear and understand (something)
      [linking verb] : become 1
      ? People say how stupid/lucky (etc.) can you get to mean that someone or something is unusually stupid, lucky, etc.
      [no object] : to change in a specified way as time passes followed by to + verb
      [no object] : to do something specified followed by to + verb
      [auxiliary verb] used like be with the past participle of some verbs to form passive constructions
      [+ object]
      : to have (a meal)
      : to prepare (a meal)
      [+ object] : to receive (punishment)
      [+ object] : to grip and hold (something or someone)
      [+ object] : to find and catch (someone)
      [+ object] : to hit (someone)
      [+ object]
      : to hurt or cause trouble for (someone)
      : to cause the death of (someone)
      [+ object] informal
      : to bother or annoy (someone)
      see also get to 2a (below)
      : to make (someone) sad see also get to 2b (below)
      : to cause (someone) to be fooled or unable to think of an answer
      [+ object] : to make a phone call and hear or speak to (a person or answering machine)
      [+ object] : to receive (a radio or TV station or channel)
      [+ object] : to produce or provide (a level of performance)
      [+ object] informal : to notice (someone or something) often used to direct someone's attention to a person or thing that is seen as foolish, surprising, etc.

      get about

      see get around (below)

      get above yourself

      see 2above

      get across

      [phrasal verb]
      : to be clearly expressed to and understood by someone
      get (something) across or get across (something) : to express (something) clearly so that it is understood

      get after

      [phrasal verb]
      get after (someone) US, informal
      : to tell (someone) repeatedly to do something

      get ahead

      [phrasal verb]
      : to become more successful

      get along

      [phrasal verb]
      : to be or remain friendly
      : to make progress while doing something
      : to leave a place
      : to become old

      get around

      [phrasal verb]
      or chiefly British get about : to go, walk, or travel to different places
      or chiefly British get round or get about : to become known by many people
      get around (something) or chiefly Brit get round (something) : to avoid being stopped by (something) : to avoid having to deal with (something)
      get around to (something) or chiefly Brit get round to (something) : to do or deal with (something that you have not yet done or dealt with)

      get at

      [phrasal verb]
      get at (something or someone) : to reach (something or someone)
      get at (something) : to find out (information that is hidden or hard to know)
      get at (something) : to say or suggest (something) in an indirect way usually used as getting at
      get at (someone) British : to criticize (someone) repeatedly
      get at it US, informal : to start doing something

      get away

      [phrasal verb]
      : to go away from a place
      often used figuratively
      : to go away from your home for a vacation
      : to avoid being caught : to escape
      often + with sometimes used figuratively
      see also getaway
      get away with (something)
      : to not be criticized or punished for (something)
      often used figuratively
      : to be given only slight or mild punishment for a crime or for doing something wrong
      see also get away with murder at 1murder

      get back

      [phrasal verb]
      : to return to a place after going away
      : to return to an activity, condition, etc. usually + to
      get (something) back or get back (something) : to get or obtain (something you have lost) again : to recover (something)
      get (someone) back or get back at (someone) or Brit get your own back informal : to do something bad or unpleasant to someone who has treated you badly or unfairly
      get back to (someone)
      : to talk to or write to (someone) at a later time in order to give more information, answer a question, etc.
      : to call (someone) back on the telephone

      get back to (the) basics

      see 2basic

      get behind

      [phrasal verb]
      : to fail to do something as quickly as required or expected
      get behind (someone or something) : to support (someone or something)

      get by

      [phrasal verb]
      : to do enough or to do well enough to avoid failure
      : to be able to live or to do what is needed by using what you have even though you do not have much often + on often + with

      get cracking

      see 1crack

      get down

      [phrasal verb]
      get (someone) down : to cause (someone) to become sad or depressed
      get (something) down or get down (something)
      : to swallow (something) : to eat or drink (something)
      : to write (something) down
      informal : to play music or dance with skill and enthusiasm
      get down to (something)
      : to start to do (something) : to begin to give your attention or effort to (something)
      : to talk about or describe (something) in a very simple and accurate way

      get even

      see 1even

      get going

      : to leave
      : to start doing something
      : to start talking
      : to cause (someone) to start talking

      get hold of

      see 2hold

      get in

      [phrasal verb]
      : to enter a place
      : to arrive home
      : to become involved in an activity
      : to be chosen or elected for office
      get in or get (someone) in : to be accepted or to cause (someone) to be accepted as a student, member, etc.
      get (someone) in : to have (someone) come to your home, business, etc., to do work
      get (something) in or get in (something)
      : to do or say (something) by making an effort
      see also get a word in edgewise at edgewise
      : to send or deliver (something) to the proper person or place
      : to do (something) in the amount of time that is available
      : to harvest (a crop) and put it in a safe or dry place
      get in on (something) : to become involved in (something)
      get in with (someone) : to become friends with (someone)

      get into

      [phrasal verb]
      get into (a place)
      : to enter (a place)
      : to arrive at (a place)
      get into (something)
      : to become involved in (an activity)
      : to begin to be interested in and to enjoy (something)
      get into (something) or get (someone) into (something)
      : to be accepted or to cause (someone) to be accepted in (a school, organization, etc.)
      : to become involved or to cause (someone) to become involved in (something bad, such as trouble or a fight)
      get into (something) : to talk about (something)
      get into (someone) : to affect the behavior of (someone) used to say that someone is behaving in an unusual way and you don't know why

      get lost

      see 2lost

      get lucky

      see lucky

      get moving

      see 1move

      get off

      [phrasal verb]
      : to leave at the start of a journey often used figuratively in the phrase get off to a good/bad (etc.) start
      see also get off on the right/wrong foot at 1foot
      get off or get (someone) off
      : to not be punished for a crime : to be judged not guilty of a crime
      : to help (someone) to be judged not guilty
      : to be given or to help (someone) to be given only a slight punishment for a crime usually + with
      sometimes used figuratively
      : to stop being on or against someone or something
      see also get 5a
      get off (something) or get (someone) off (something) : to stop talking about (something) or to cause (someone) to stop talking about (something)
      get off or get off work : to finish working and leave the place where you work
      get (something) off or get off (something)
      : to write and send (a letter, an e-mail message, etc.)
      : to shoot (something) from a gun
      sometimes used figuratively
      get off or get (someone) off chiefly British : to fall asleep or to help (someone, such as a baby) to fall asleep
      get off or get (someone) off US, informal : to have an orgasm or to cause (someone) to have an orgasm
      get off on (something) informal + sometimes disapproving : to enjoy or be excited by (something) especially in a sexual way
      get off with (someone) British, informal : to have sex with (someone) : to begin a sexual relationship with (someone)
      ? To tell someone where to get off is to criticize or disagree with someone in a very direct and angry way.
      ? If you don't know where someone gets off (doing something), you are angry because someone has done something that is not right.

      get on

      [phrasal verb]
      get on with (something) : to continue doing (something)
      chiefly British : to be or remain friendly : to get along
      chiefly British
      : to make progress while doing something
      : to achieve greater success : to get ahead
      get on (something) US : to start to do or deal with (something)
      get on (someone) US : to criticize (someone) repeatedly
      get it on US slang : to have sex
      get on or get on in years : to grow old
      : to become late
      get on for (something) British, informal : to move toward becoming (a specified age, time, etc.)

      get onto

      [phrasal verb] or get on to
      get onto (something) or get on to (something) : to start to do or deal with (something)
      : to start to talk about something
      get onto (someone) or get on to (someone) British : to speak to or write to (someone) about a particular problem, job, etc.

      get out

      [phrasal verb]
      : to leave or escape from a place, a vehicle, etc.
      used as an angry way to tell someone to leave
      get (someone) out : to cause or help (someone) to leave or escape
      get (something) out or get out (something) : to remove (something) from storage so that it can be used
      : to go to places outside your home for social occasions, events, etc.
      : to become known
      get (something) out or get out (something) : to say (something) by making an effort
      US, informal used in speech to show that you are surprised by something or do not believe it
      get out of (something) or get (someone or something) out of (something)
      : to avoid doing (something) or to help (someone) to avoid doing (something)
      : to stop having (a habit) or to cause (someone) to stop having (a habit)
      : to stop being in or involved in (something) or to cause (someone or something) to stop being in or involved in (something)
      get (something) out of (something or someone) : to take (something) from (something or someone)
      get (something) out of (something) : to gain (something) from (something)

      get over

      [phrasal verb]
      get over (something)
      : to stop being controlled or bothered by (something, such as a problem or feeling)
      : to stop feeling unhappy about (something)
      informal used to say that you are very surprised or impressed by something
      get over (an illness) : to become healthy again after (an illness)
      get over (someone) : to stop feeling unhappy after ending a relationship with (someone)
      get (something) over
      or get (something) over with : to cause or experience the end of (something) : to finish (something)
      chiefly British or get over (something) : to express (something) clearly so that it is understood

      get real

      see 1real

      get rid of

      see rid

      get rolling

      see 1roll

      get round

      see get around (above)

      get the best of

      see 3best

      get the better of

      see 3better

      get there

      : to reach a goal : to do what you are trying to do
      : to come closer to reaching a goal

      get through

      [phrasal verb]
      chiefly US : to finish a job or activity
      get through (something) : to do or finish (something, such as an amount of work)
      get through (something) or get (someone) through (something) : to complete or to help (someone) to complete (a test, an exam, etc.) successfully
      get through or get through (something) or get (something) through (something) : to pass through or beyond something that blocks you or slows you down
      : to cause (something) to pass through or beyond something
      get through (something) or get (someone) through (something) : to have the experience of living through (something that is difficult, dangerous, etc.)
      : to help (someone) to live through (something)
      get through (something) chiefly British : to spend or use all of (something)
      get through or get through to (someone) : to be clearly expressed to and understood by someone
      get through to (someone) or get (something) through to (someone) : to express something clearly so that it is understood by (someone)
      get through or get through to (someone) : to make a successful telephone call to someone
      get through or get through (something) : to be accepted or approved by an official group

      get to

      [phrasal verb]
      get to (something)
      : to start (doing something)
      : to deal with (something)
      get to (someone)
      : to bother or annoy (someone) see also get 26a (above)
      : to make (someone) feel sad see also get 26b (above)
      chiefly US : to change or influence the behavior of (someone) wrongly or illegally by making threats, paying money, etc.
      get to (somewhere) : to go to or reach (somewhere)

      get together

      [phrasal verb]
      : to meet and spend time together
      : to begin to have a sexual or romantic relationship
      get (people) together : to cause (people) to meet or to have a relationship
      : to agree to do or accept something often + on
      get together (things or people) or get (things or people) together : to collect (things) or gather (people) into one place or group
      get your act together or get yourself together or get it together informal
      or get your life together : to begin to live in a good and sensible way : to stop being confused, foolish, etc.
      : to begin to function in a skillful or effective way

      get to sleep

      : to start sleeping : to fall asleep

      get to work

      : to start working

      get up

      [phrasal verb]
      get up or get (someone) up : to rise or to cause (someone) to rise after lying or sleeping in a bed
      : to stand up
      get (something) up or get up (something)
      : to produce (something, such as courage) in yourself by trying or making an effort
      : to prepare or organize (something that involves a group of people)
      get it up slang : to get an erection

      get up on the wrong side of the bed

      see 1bed

      get what's coming to you

      see 1come

      get wind of

      see 1wind

      get your bearings

      see bearing

      get your goat

      see goat

      have got

      see have
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