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      1 come /?k?m/ verb
      comes; came /?ke?m/ ; come; coming
      1 come
      comes; came /?ke?m/ ; come; coming
      Learner's definition of COME
      [no object]
      : to move toward someone or something
      : to go or travel to a place
      often used figuratively
      see also come a long way (below)
      of mail : to be delivered to a place
      : to have or form an opinion, attitude, etc., after time passes followed by to + verb
      : to do something specified followed by to + verb
      always followed by an adverb or preposition : to reach a specified level, part, etc.
      [linking verb] : to reach a specified state or condition
      : to happen or occur
      : to arrive or happen after time has passed
      not used in progressive tenses of a product that is being sold
      : to be available
      : to have something as a feature, quality, ability, etc.
      : to have a specified position or place in a series
      British : to end a race or competition in a specified position
      somewhat old-fashioned
      used in speech as a mild way to urge someone to do something or to become less upset, angry, etc.
      used in speech as a mild way to show that you do not approve of or agree with what someone has said
      informal + impolite : to experience an orgasm

      as…as they come

      used to describe someone or something as very good, bad, etc.

      come about

      [phrasal verb]
      : to happen
      of a boat or ship : to turn to a different direction

      come a cropper

      see cropper

      come across

      [phrasal verb]
      : to seem to have a particular quality or character : to make a particular impression
      usually + as
      : to be expressed to someone
      come across (something or someone) : to meet or find (something or someone) by chance
      informal : to pay money that someone wants or demands

      come adrift

      see adrift

      come after

      [phrasal verb]
      come after (someone)
      : to chase (someone) : to try to find or capture (someone you want to hurt or punish)

      come again

      used to ask someone to repeat something that was not heard or understood clearly

      come along

      [phrasal verb]
      : to go somewhere with someone
      : to make progress : to get better or to proceed in a desired way
      : to proceed in a specified way
      : to happen or appear as someone or something that might be used, chosen, etc.

      come a long way

      : to rise to a much higher level of success : to become very successful
      : to make a great amount of progress

      come and go

      used to talk about time that has passed
      used to talk about people who appear and then leave as time passes

      come apart

      : to break into parts or pieces
      often used figuratively

      come around

      [phrasal verb] or chiefly British come round
      : to start to accept and support something (such as an idea) after opposing it : to stop opposing or disagreeing with something or someone
      often + to
      : to become conscious
      : to go to visit someone
      : to occur in the usual way as time passes
      see also what goes around comes around at 1go
      of a boat or ship : to turn to a different direction

      come as

      used to describe the effect that something has when people first learn about it

      come at

      [phrasal verb]
      come at (someone)
      : to move toward (someone) in a threatening or aggressive way
      : to be directed at or toward (someone)
      come at (something) : to begin to deal with or think about (something)

      come away from

      [phrasal verb]
      come away from (something)
      : to move away from (an area, place, etc.) often used figuratively

      come back

      [phrasal verb]
      : to return to a place sometimes used figuratively
      : to return to a former good condition : to become strong, successful, or effective again after a time of weakness, failure, etc.
      : to become popular or fashionable again
      : to be successful in a game, sport, etc., after being behind
      : to return to someone's memory usually + to
      : to make a reply or response usually + with
      see also comeback

      come between

      [phrasal verb]
      come between (people or groups)
      : to cause disagreement between (people or groups)

      come by

      [phrasal verb]
      : to make a visit to someone
      come by (something) : to get or acquire (something)

      come cheap

      see 2cheap

      come clean

      see 1clean

      come close

      see 3close

      come down

      [phrasal verb]
      : to move or fall downward
      of rain, snow, etc. : to fall from the sky
      : to go to a lower level
      see also comedown
      : to decide or say in an official or public way that you support or oppose someone or something
      ? An announcement or decision that comes down is an announcement or decision from someone who has power or authority.
      ? Something that comes down from the past is something that has existed for a very long time.
      informal : to stop feeling the effect of an illegal drug : to stop being high on a drug

      come down on

      [phrasal verb]
      come down on (someone) : to criticize or punish (someone)
      come down on (something) : to make a strong effort to stop or oppose (something)

      come down to

      [phrasal verb]
      come down to (something)
      : to have (something) as the most important part

      come down with

      [phrasal verb]
      come down with (an illness)
      : to begin to have or suffer from (an illness)

      come forward

      [phrasal verb]
      : to say openly or publicly that you are the person who should get something or who can do something

      come from

      [phrasal verb]
      come from (something)
      : to have (a specified origin or source)
      used to describe a person's family
      : to be the result of (something)
      come from (a place) : to be from (a place): such as
      of a person : to have been born or raised in (a place) : to live in (a place)
      sometimes used figuratively
      of a thing : to be produced in (a place)
      come from (someone) : to be said or told by (someone)

      come full circle

      see full circle

      come hell or high water

      see hell

      come home to

      see 2home

      come in

      [phrasal verb]
      : to arrive at a place
      : to be received
      : to end a race or competition in a specified position
      : to have a particular role or function
      ? Something that comes in handy or (less commonly) comes in useful/helpful turns out to be useful when it is needed.

      come in/into bloom

      of a plant or come into flower
      : to begin to produce flowers : to start to bloom

      come in for

      [phrasal verb]
      come in for (something)
      : to get or be given (something unpleasant, such as criticism) : to be subjected to (something)

      come in from the cold

      see 2cold

      come in on

      [phrasal verb]
      come in on (something) informal
      : to become involved in (something)

      come into

      [phrasal verb]
      come into (something)
      : to enter (a place)
      : to get (something) as a possession
      : to be involved in (something)

      come into effect

      see 1effect

      come into your own

      : to begin to have the kind of success that you are capable of having : to become very skillful, successful, etc.

      come in/into view/sight

      : to appear : to begin to be seen

      come naturally

      see naturally

      come of

      [phrasal verb]
      come of (something)
      : to be the result of (something)

      come of age

      see 1age

      come off

      [phrasal verb]
      come off or come off (something) : to stop being attached to something
      : to produce a desired result : to succeed
      : to happen
      : to do or perform well or badly
      : to seem to have a specified quality or character usually + as
      come off (something)
      US : to have recently completed or recovered from (something)
      : to have recently stopped using (an illegal drug)
      US, informal used in phrases like where do you come off? to express anger or annoyance at what someone has said or done

      come off it

      : to stop talking or acting in a foolish way usually used as an interjection

      come on

      [phrasal verb]
      : to happen or progress as time passes
      : to begin to happen
      of an electrical machine, light, etc. : to begin to work or function
      of a TV or radio program : to start
      used in speech to ask or urge someone to do something
      used in speech to tell someone to hurry or to go faster
      used in speech to express surprise, disbelief, etc.
      : to have or seem to have a certain quality or nature

      come on strong

      : to be very forceful or too forceful in talking to someone or dealing with someone
      : to become stronger or more successful in a continuing contest, race, etc.

      come on to

      [phrasal verb]
      come on to (someone) informal : to show sexual interest in (someone) : to try to start a sexual relationship with (someone)
      come on to (something) British : to start to talk about or deal with (something)

      come out

      [phrasal verb]
      : to become available : to begin to be produced or sold
      : to become obvious : to be clearly shown
      : to become known
      : to say something openly
      : to say publicly that you support or oppose someone or something
      : to say openly that you are a homosexual
      : to appear after being hidden
      : to appear in the open
      of a flower : to open : to blossom
      : to end or finish in a specified way
      of a photograph : to produce a good picture
      used to describe the quality that something has when it is finished
      : to be said, expressed, or understood in a particular way

      come out of

      [phrasal verb]
      come out of (something)
      : to result from (something)
      : to go through the experience of (something)
      ? To come out of nowhere is to be very surprising and unexpected or to become successful, popular, etc., in a very sudden and surprising way.
      see also come out of left field at left field

      come out with

      [phrasal verb]
      come out with (something)
      : to say or express (something, such as an idea)
      : to publish or produce (something that will be sold to the public)

      come over

      [phrasal verb]
      : to make a social visit to someone
      : to change from one side to the other in a disagreement, competition, etc. usually + to
      British, informal : become
      come over (someone) : to affect (someone) in a sudden and strong way

      come round

      see come around (above)

      come through

      [phrasal verb]
      : to succeed in doing something : to do what is needed or expected
      : to be received and understood
      : to be expressed to someone
      : to be given or made official in a formal and final way
      come through (something) : to have the experience of living through (something)

      come to

      [phrasal verb]
      : to become conscious
      come to (something)
      : to reach (a place) while traveling
      : to reach (a particular point or step in a process)
      : to approach or reach (a specified condition)
      see also come to a bad end at 1end
      : to result in (something) usually used in negative statements
      : to make or reach (something, such as a decision or an agreement) after thinking or talking
      ? People say that they don't know what the world is coming to or they ask What is the world coming to? when they are shocked or disgusted by something that has happened in the world.
      ? The phrase when it comes to is used to identify the specific topic that is being talked about.
      ? The phrase if it comes to that means “if that is necessary.”
      come to (an amount) : to produce (an amount) when added together
      come to (someone) : to be thought of by (someone) : to occur to (someone)
      ? Something that is coming to you is something that is owed to you.
      ? If you get what's coming to you, you get the punishment that you deserve.
      ? If you have it coming (to you) you deserve to get something bad, such as punishment.

      come to blows

      see 3blow

      come together

      [phrasal verb]
      : to join or meet
      : to form a group
      : to begin to work or proceed in the desired way

      come to grief

      see grief

      come to grips with

      see 2grip

      come to life

      see 1life

      come to light

      see 1light

      come to mind

      see 1mind

      come to pass

      formal + literary
      : to happen

      come to rest

      see 2rest

      come to terms

      see 1term

      come to think of it

      used in speech to say that you have just remembered or thought of something

      come to your senses

      see 1sense

      come true

      see 1true

      come under

      [phrasal verb]
      come under (something)
      : to be subjected to (something)
      : to be affected, controlled, or influenced by (something)
      used to identify the group or category that something belongs to

      come up

      [phrasal verb]
      : to move near to someone or something : to approach someone or something
      : to be mentioned or thought of
      : to occur in usually a sudden or unexpected way
      of the sun or moon : to become visible in the sky : to rise
      of a plant : to first appear above the ground
      : to finish in a specified condition or state
      : to move up in rank or status
      ? Something that is coming up will happen soon or will appear soon.

      come up against

      [phrasal verb]
      come up against (something)
      : to be stopped or slowed by (something)

      come up empty

      : to fail to get or find something or someone

      come upon

      [phrasal verb] somewhat formal
      come upon (someone or something) : to meet or find (someone or something) by chance
      come upon (someone) of a feeling : to affect (someone) suddenly

      come up to

      [phrasal verb]
      come up to (something)
      : to be as good as (something)

      come up with

      [phrasal verb]
      come up with (something)
      : to get or think of (something that is needed or wanted)

      come what may

      : regardless of what happens

      easy come, easy go

      see 2easy

      first come, first served

      see 2first

      how come

      see 1how

      to come

      : existing or arriving in the future
      2 come /?k?m/ noun
      2 come
      Learner's definition of COME
      [noncount] impolite
      : semen
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      Comments & Questions
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